Electronic circuit and PC board repairs in South Africa

Welcome to Printed Circuits Electronics Repairs! We are a professional company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Whilst tech giants of the world ideate, invent and innovate machines and electronic devices that speed up human works, we come post invention and application; we repair any electronic circuit boards efficiently with or without circuit diagrams.

Having an extensive experience in industrial electronic repairs, we offer you specialized services at an extremely competitive rate in pursuit of serving the electronics community with quality products and services.

Our rich experience built over a period of time and specialized equipment facilitates a swift service that focuses on getting our customers back on line with minimum interruptions and downtimes.

As far as service is concerned, we rake immense pride in offering the best quality services just like our products leaving nothing for our valued clients to complain about. We specialize in the purchase and supply of outmoded products like power supply, PLC, PC drives, boards and more. We are well-positioned to help you in any downtime resulting from electronic printed circuit board failures. Our services include:

  • Printed circuit repairs (With or without circuit diagrams)
  • DC drive repairs and AC drive repairs
  • Supply of AC drives and inverters supply of any electronic equipment new or old
  • Soft starter repairs
  • PLC repairs
  • Power supply repairs for factories
  • CNC printed circuit board repairs
  • Any general industrial printed circuit board repairs

We also import special components which are not available in South Africa and specialize in the sourcing of obsolete components. Huge stocks of electronic components are kept on the premises to enable emergency repairs. Do not fret over services as our skilled technicians have over twelve years in the industry.

It’s a matter of pride that we have served the clients like BMW, Tupperware, Bosch, Siemens, Rockwell automationand others. Feel free to contact us and avail of our quick and efficient repair services.




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